L&L Hawaiian Barbeque / "Big Plates" (Spam Musubi and Loco Moco)

Project Overview

In collaboration with Black Letter Group (BLG) — the ad agency for L&L Hawaiian Barbecue — Duarte Studios produced nine videos for the well-known Hawaii-born eatery.

BLG came to DS with the “Big Plates” concept, a script and voiceover talent, looking for a way to make Hawaii’s “plate lunch” look amazingly delicious. DS accepted the challenge and crafted key scenes with the ideal lighting, direction and camera moves to create the larger-than-life plate lunch visuals with an unapologetic approach to mouth-watering visuals.

The long-time favorite comfort foods were taken to a new level with the spots focused on targeting customers from the continental U.S. L&L’s bold Hawaiian flavors and generous servings have never looked so yummy!

The production for the series of spots — three 0:15 pre-roll, three 0:30 spots, and three 0:60 extended spots — was done on a tight budget and filmed in a single day.

Film Production Services Provided

• Shot List Development
• On-Set Direction
• Camera Work
• Grip and Lighting
• Editing
• Color Grading
• Audio Mastering

Output + Distribution

Three 0:15 Pre-Roll Videos
Three 0:30 Spots
Three 0:60 Extended Spots

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