Goliath, The Duarte Studios Grip Truck

On Set // Goliath at Work

It was definitely a big decision to put our production equipment arsenal on wheels, but what a difference it’s made for our medium and large productions. Fondly named Goliath (those who remember the 80’s TV series Knight Rider will get the reference), DS productions have benefited from what this 4-ton truck hauls.

Goliath carries tons of gear (literally), but what it means for our clients is priceless. As any producer knows, efficiency is key to getting the most out of your production – figuring out what equipment to pack and what to leave behind, searching for gear in an overpacked vehicle, or worse, realizing you’ve forgotten a piece when you can’t find it, are all situations where critical production time is lost to unnecessary effort. Additionally, having access to more of our gear on set means that our Director of Photography and gaffers can fine tune lighting and our grips can rig sets more effectively.

The custom-built truck has been fully modified to serve our specific needs. Late night shoot? No problem, the truck is self-powered and outfitted with work lighting inside and out. For hot days, we’ve got cooling systems and a back up power supply to let us work in the truck — whether it be just for loading and unloading or setting up a live-streaming command center.

The time savings we gain with Goliath is given back to the production. Whether it’s being able to perfect lighting, spend extra time with the talent, or have more time to creatively set up a shot, we’re committed to getting the most out of our productions. And Goliath has come through on every level.