Duarte Studios

COVID-19 Protocols

The on-going pandemic has changed the way we do production. We’ve adapted new protocols and
continue to monitor best practices for film production during this time.



We comply with the City and

County of Honolulu COVID-19

Guidelines for film production

on the island of Oahu.

Here’s What We’ve Been Doing

• We run an industrial 1,044 CFM air filter (this circulates the air in a 1000 sqft room 7.5 times per hour) armed with a 3M Merv13 filter for all indoor shoots.

• Anyone on set will be required to wear a face mask covering their mouth and nose while on set (unless on camera).

• Signs are posted on set requiring cast and crew to report to the AD for contact tracing and logging.

• We monitor everyone on set through temperature checks and daily health logs to comply with City and County regulations.

• We’ve implemented policies for frequent hand-washing and social distancing.

• We’ve issued protective gear to all staff, including P95 respirator masks, nitrile gloves and eye protection.

• We’ve implemented a sneeze guard between interviewers and interviewees (when applicable).

• We sanitize production gear between shoots, including high-touch equipment handled by talent such as lavalier microphones and receivers.

• We sanitize sensitive electronics via UV sterilization.

• We use EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant, approved for use against the SARS-CoV-2 (a coronavirus that causes COVID-19).

• We’ve invested in intercommunication devices for our crew to aid in social distancing efforts.



We know our clients have a lot to say in this “new normal” to welcome their customers back and let them know about changes affecting their experience. Whatever your message, we’re ready to call “action”